Texas is the second largest state in the US, which is also referred to as ‘Lone Star State. The state features a wealth of cultural and natural attractions. It is located in the south central location offering diverse landscapes; this is from the cave systems, desert regions to the canyons and mountains, not forgetting the beautiful coastal scenery that is along the Gulf of Mexico. Texas is also among the liberal states, as the Spanish influence in the country is still evident all thanks to its status as a former colony of Spain.

1. The Alamo

The Alamo is located on the eastern outskirts of the beautiful San Antonio. It is one of the most historical sites that are present in America. It is part of the mission’s station that was established in the year 1718. Franciscans built Alamo in the year 1744 and by the year 1836, it was converted into a fort. The building becomes very famous during the Texan War of Independence, which is after a small force was barricaded against the very overwhelming Mexican army that had 3,000 strong men.

2. The Space Center Houston

The Space Center is only 30 minutes from the heart of Houston and is one of the states famous tourist attractions, not forgetting being home to NASA’S Mission Control and Lyndon B. Johnson Center. It is the monitoring center for the agency’s various manned space flights. It has quite a fascinating insight into its operations, with the different exhibits, models, film shows, various artifacts and some samples of the moon rock that are on display for visitors to view.

3. San Antonio’s beautiful River walk

The river walk stretches for several miles along San Antonio River, cutting through the heart of San Antonio and passing through the best shopping areas, hotels, restaurants and various other attractions based in the city. In this regard, if you are looking for massage services that will blow your mind during your vacation, then this is the place to visit. I liken it to one of those scandalous erotic massage parlors I used to visit in Toronto. The walkway has been built below street level that hugs the river as it weaves and winds through this spectacular city. The place is extravagant for both the local’s and tourist making it a must visit while in Texas.

4. The Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Looking to explore the most beautiful desert scenery the U.S has to offer, then be sure to visit this park. Towards the northeastern side of Texas, which is about 100 miles towards the west of El Paso, you will find abundant wildlife in the park, which also includes the golden eagles. The landscape of the park is beyond stunning, it is especially so around the great El Captain and not forgetting the Guadalupe Peak, which is the highest elevation you can find in Texas.

5. Padre Island National Seashore

It is the world’s longest and undeveloped Barrier Island, which stretches about 70 miles from both ends. It is among the most important conservation areas that are present, consisting of 130,000 acres of dunes, beach, and various grassland habitats. Additionally, the Island is home to countless migratory birds and rare sea turtles, as a result, making the Island a birders paradise, as 350 different species tend to visit the stopover.

These top tourist attractions in Texas will make sure that your vacation is just a little more special. As its excellent cities attract a large number of visitors from around the world to site see, so why not join in the fun.

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Everything is bigger in Texas including people’s waistlines. The state is paying over 9 billion dollars every year to treat people that are suffering from diabetes due to being obese.

If Texas keeps going like this by the year 2030 they will be spending close to 30 billion a year.

Obesity Crisis in Texas

Texas is in trouble. About a third of the people that live in this large state are within a healthy weight limit for their height and body type.

The other third of the population is considered to be overweight. The last third of the population is doing worse. They are considered to be obese. People have access to health care but this does not help them lose weight.

The further south a person lives in the state the greater the chance they have of being obese. Many people that live along the border with Mexico and in the deep east are the most overweight.

Trouble For Texans

Many years ago many people died from disease in this state. Now people are dying from illnesses caused by manmade items such as tobacco.

After smoking related deaths people in Texas are dying from illnesses from being obese. This is something that is preventable yet is killing thousands of people every year.

There are several committees that are trying to step in to help people at better and get their weight under control.

For one, here are some foods to avoid:


Heart disease is the number one cause of death in this state and it can be prevented if a person takes some measures to live and eat healthier.

What is Being Done

To help people fight the problem of obesity the Texas government is stepping in with effort to help educate people about the dangers of being obese. The state has joined the national school lunch program.

Here healthy options are served to students. Instead of using white flour in meals wheat flour is used. Food items are baked instead of fried. Baked chips are served instead of fried chips. Fruits and vegetables are included with every meal as well as low fat milk.

Children are being taught the importance of healthy eating and are given information to share with their parents. Many employers are offering gym memberships and on site workout groups as part of their benefit package.

The government is even offering incentives for those that clean up parks and develop community recreational activities to encourage people to get up and move. Families are encouraged to do a number of these activities together so everyone can see the health benefits.

Texans are also being encouraged to get out and enjoy the nature that many people come to the state to see. People are being encouraged to get back into farming, horseback riding, and other outside sports.

Texans are seeing a big problem. While many things are bigger and better in Texas the weight of the people that live there is not something that has to be.

Texans can take control of their weight and live longer lives and enjoy the Texas countryside.

Interested in reading more? Be sure to check out Isabel’s reason for which 5 foods to never eat and why?

Bold, brash and beautiful, Texas certainly lives up to its larger than life image recognized around the world.

The swagger and proud patriotism of its people, the delectable food, the iconic longhorn cattle, its history and its sheer size are all things that make this state unforgettable. Here are five things for which Texas is especially famous.

1. The Alamo. “Remember the Alamo” is a battle cry that has endured in its appeal even to present day Texans since the historic conflict against Mexican invaders in 1836.

Heroes Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett as well as their band of some 180 fighters defended the besieged Alamo Mission near San Antonio for three days against a mighty Mexican army that far outnumbered them. The defenders were killed, but their valor has inspired many generations of Texans ever since.

2. Longhorn cattle. The breed of cattle with its characteristically long horn span has become a virtual symbol of Texas. The most remarkable of the species can sport horns that measure as much as seven feet from tip to tip!

Replicas and images of those distinctive horns – slightly upturned towards the tips – adorn walls, car grilles and lots more across Texas. In fact, the longhorn is the state’s official large mammal and the mascot of the University of Texas at Austin.

3. Mouthwatering barbecue. Texans will tell you no one does barbecue quite as well as they do. Succulent, fall-off-the-bone tender BBQ treats are churned out and consumed with relish across the state. Every region of Texas has its own twist on the art of BBQ, with variations in the marinades and spice rubs as well as the choice of aromatic woods used in the cooking process.

4. Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. The Texan spin on poker makes for a more exciting game because it enables additional rounds of betting. After anteing, each player is dealt two face-down or “hole cards” and can place bets after checking them. It’s a real game of strategy, and one you should read up on.

After discarding the top card on the deck to the prevent cheating (the burn), the dealer places three cards face up on the table. These are communal cards any player can use with their hole cards to build a better hand. Another round of bets follows and the dealer flips a fourth communal card face up, called the turn.

Then another round of bets and the turn of a fifth communal card, called the river. A final round of betting for players still in, and then comes the showdown. Texas Hold ‘Em Poker has been around since at least the early 1900s. It’s been winning fans around the world ever since. For those folks who want to learn how to play, I highly recommend this poker strategy book.

5. Football fever. Football is virtually a religion in Texas. The state does it bigger and better than most others, thinking nothing of pumping millions even into high school or college-level contests in the sport. Texas also has two teams in the National Football League (NFL) – the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans.

Visit Texas to experience the state’s huge and hearty approach to everything in life. Be it history, sport, wildlife, leisure, lifestyle or cuisine, Texas is a place that serves up massive portions of fun and memories.

The great state of Texas is rich in history and culture, as well as lots of ways to have fun. Found within the 961 cities are zoos, water parks, beaches, museums, dude ranches, drive thru safaris, RV parks, and two Six Flags theme parks.

When planning a trip to Texas it might be best to decide what you’d like to get out of Texas and the type of fun that would fit your family’s interest and budget.

Cowboys and Ranches

Whenever Texas is mentioned is a conversation or on television, cowboys working on their ranches are what probably come to one’s mind. For the families with the boys dreaming of being cowboys and girls wanting to be cowgirls, there are several dude ranches that are the ideal vacation sites. Located in Bandera are three dude ranches that offer something for everyone.

1. Rancho Cortez Dude Ranch

Located just one hour from San Antonio and the Alamo, this ranch offers an authentic experience, including horseback riding that is fun even if you’ve never ridden a horse before. On this ranch a couple can get married, children can participate in their own rodeo, or you can just relax by the hot tub. If you want an authentic experience and home cooked meals this ranch may be for you.

2. Dixie Dude Ranch

For those that would like to learn what it’s like to work on a ranch and still have a relaxing vacation, Dixie may be the ranch for you. While staying here you could still have the fun of horseback riding, campfires, hikes, hayrides, and camping, but you will also get to experience the hard work the ranchers face in a day. After putting a full day’s worth of work and play you can enjoy a home cooked meal before settling down for the night.

If a dude ranch is on your mind for a fun time with family Bandera, Texas is the place to travel. There is something fun for the whole family, no matter what the age.

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For the family with young children who are passionate about trains, there are two places that would put a smile on their tiny faces. When I take my infant here, it can be a bit of a hassle since they’re so much stuff to pack, including her bottle, stroller, and best backpack diaper bags for baby, but we manage by planning well ahead of time.

1. Railway Museum

Found in Plano is a museum that once was the stopping place for the historic electric train, which was operational from 1908 until 1948. In the early 1990s it was restored and made into a train museum, which offers fun and educational activities for people of all ages. The museum walks you through the history of the railway and includes a kid’s corner where children can learn all about trains through stories and interactive play.

2. Ride the Train

Forth Worth is home to the Forest Park Miniature Railroad, which is a fun activity for the whole family. It’s an actual train ride on mini train that runs around a track circling the park, passing by a duck pond and going over several bridges. It is sure to please that tiny tot in the family.

For the Thrill Seekers

For thoseseeking a thrill of a lifetimeor are theme park lovers,Six Flags and other theme parkscan be found, aswell as drive thru safaris.

1. Theme Parks

If a theme park filled with spills and thrills is what you seek, Six Flagsis located in Arlington and San Antonio.For something geared more toward young children who love dinosaurs a trip to Glen Rose’s Dinosaur World may be the best trip ever. Dinosaur World will fill your child’s imagination and make their vacation fun as you see the life like dinosaurs staring back at you.

2. Animal Lovers

What could be more fun than seeing an African safari without going to Africa?San Antonio and Jacksboro host the best drive through safaris throughout all of Texas. For the families in RVs Jacksboro would be the place to go. The drive thru safari is located on an RV ranch and RVs are allowed to travel through the safari.

Due to the vast variety of family fun activities found within Texas, planning the trip may save time and money. From zoos to dude ranches and even theme parks, there is definitely something that will fillthe vacation with fun memories.

Did you know the state flower for Texas is the Lupins texensis? Of course not, a measly bluebonnet pales in comparison to the love Texans have to their Texas sports. Now, some of you may be thinking that Texas is just filled with cowboys and hot summers. But, you only have half the story. You see, the top five most popular sports in Texas are as patriotic as the nickname The Lone Star State. So, without a further ado, here they are.

1) Football

Yes, this should come as no surprise. With so many reasons that tossing the pigskin is #1 in Texas, it’s best just to use bullet points.
• Two of the best NFL teams: the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans. Need I say more?
• The most Division I-FBS schools in the U.S.A. including a fierce rivalries like Houston-Rice or Texas A&M or the University of Texas, lovingly referred as the Lone Star Showdown
• The book later made into a film and television series Friday Night Lightsis all about the love Texans have for football
• I kid you not, fans once brought propane bottles that were welded together filled with ball bearings to shake in order to support their team. Talk about fan dedication!

2) Baseball

Not nearly as popular as American football, but Baseball still has a sake in Texan hearts. With Major League If baseball teams such as Texas Rangers and Houston Astros are making it to the world series, then Texas is gonna be proud. Also, College World Series has been visited plenty of times by Texas univerisities. So, witnessing home runs is quite a spectacle and can be seen in virtually any college in Texas.

3) Soccer

The “other” football practiced in Europe is starting to gain some ground in Texas. Kicking twelve pentagons and twenty hexagons does have its roots in the history of Texas. For example, one of the founding members of the Major League Soccer was the Dallas Burns (present-day FC Dallas). Today, Austin and San Antonio bothhave professional minor-league soccer teams and hopefully more will join the roster.

4) Paintball

Now obviously all humans must exhibit some automaticconfusion here. Paintball is a sport, and anyone who says otherwise should prepare to be splattered. There are around 17 paintball fields in Texas. Visitors can hide behind trees, inflatables, and even Lego towers. Some professional fields allow children ten and up to partake in the fun, although you can easily buy the proper safety equipment and blast away in your backyard! Wondering how to dress for paintball? Check out that post I just linked.

5) Horseback and Other Animal Riding

Remember that cowboys and hot summers are still 50% of Texas. Thus, Texas loves to be riding off on a trained stallion or a bucking bronco. Rodeos are a still a huge part of Texas sports and culture. With equestrian scholarships, even college students enjoy various sports involving the horse from racing to dressage. Texas has plenty of annual competitions involving the four-legged companion of the cowboys making it super popular.

So, those are arguably the most popular Texas sports. Overall, it’s safe is say American football will be number one, and the rest can be mixed and matched later. However, one thing that is absolutely true is that Texans love their national pastimes because Texas in one of the leading players in America.

Sports are a big part of modern life. Millions of people all over the world enjoy playing and competing in sporting events. This is especially true for the natives of Texas. The vast majority of people in Texas are addicted to sports and they enjoy cheering on their favorite teams every chance they get.

Texans are not only fond of football; they also love basketball, baseball, soccer and hockey. Why do Texans love sports so much? The following reasons will explain why.

Football is the Key to Sports in Texas

The best way to describe Texans love for sports is to focus on the most popular and important sport in America – football. Football is king not only in the U.S. but it almost has a religious like following in the state of Texas. Some people will even go so far to pray to the football gods with the hope of victory for their favorite teams.

People in Texas love football so much because it is a part of their heritage that they pass down from one generation to the next. As a matter of fact, some fans are so committed to football that they hand down their seats to their children. The players are the best in the country, and are known to take immune boosters like Shroom Tech Immune to increase performance.

Sports is an Integral Part of the Culture in Texas

Football is not only a strong part of the culture and society in Texas; it also gives people something to do and to talk about from the months of August to January. If any Texas college or pro teams are able to go to any of the major bowls; people will still be talking about football well into February.

Small cities in Texas are known to completely shut down on Friday night up until Saturday afternoon. This way people can head out to the games to watch their favorite teams compete on the grid iron. In some communities businesses will close up early, people will travel out to the stadium for tailgating evens and there will even be big rallies before the game begins.

After the match is over people will head off to restaurants and parties or hang out with friends to celebrate a victory or to wallow in defeat. It is important for a person to know and understand football in Texas. This is necessary for socialization and getting more involved within a local community.

Texas Football Dominates from High School, to College and to the Pros

Texans love high school football. This passion carries over to college teams and for the pros as young Texas grow older. The Dallas Cowboys is a professional football team and is the biggest and most well known sports franchise in the state. This organization is as “America’s Team”.

Texans love to tune into their games on Saturday afternoon during the fall season to watch college teams such as the Texas A&M Aggies, Texas Longhorns and the Baylor Bears. People might not realize this but the state of Texas has more teams than any other state within NCAA Division 1 FBS football. These high school players are always at peak performance, taking enhancers like Onnit 180 to stay on top of their games.

Good recruiters know that the best quarterbacks come from Texas. Also, the vast majority of current players that are enrolled on college and professional teams are from the Lone Star State. Simply put, Texas is the number one place in the country for recruitment. People in Texas know how to play football so well that recruiters would be foolish to overlook the talent pool that is available here.

Texans Love other Sports Too

Other sports such as basketball, baseball and hockey also have professional teams. Now, Texans might not be as passionate about these sports as they are about football; but plenty of them will also support these teams as well. The San Antonio Spurs is arguably the most dominant NBA franchise in modern NBA history.

This team has won 5 NBA championships since 1999 and are considered a serious threat for teams in the NBA. Basketball might not be as big as football but people will still support other professional and college sports teams in the same way.

The Texans desire for sports is strong that people all over the United States turn to them for inspiration and guidance. They use their cultural love of sporting games to help inspire a love for football in other communities around the country where it is not well received.

Ultimately, the state of Texas is the best place for fans and fanatics to express their love for the game and to cheer on their favorite teams.

Everybody likes to enjoy great tasting food. One of the great things about enjoying food that is associated with a particular section of the United States is that you have the chance to enjoy the unique culture associated with it while enjoying food that tastes like nothing you have ever had before.

That is exactly what you will experience when you enjoy all the great tasting cuisine that Texas has to offer. This is a place that allows you to take in so many different things that it is almost more than your mind can wrap itself around, at least at first. Much of this is due to the fact that there are a lot of different cultures within the state that specialize in certain types of cuisine.

You would be doing yourself a disservice if you failed to experience even one of these.

Culture and Cuisine

For instance, the first thing that many people associate with the state of Texas is barbecue.

It is true, the state has some of the best barbecue that you will find anywhere in the country. Even if you are not a person that considers yourself to be a fan of barbecue, you can find something that you will enjoy here. Having said that, there are many other specific types of cuisine that you will want to experience while you are spending time there.

Texas has a remarkable Hispanic culture and as such, you can find some of the best tasting Mexican food that you will ever put in your mouth. The great thing about it is that the specific tastes vary from one part of the state to the next, so even if you stop to eat Mexican food on a daily basis, you will never get something that tastes the same twice in a row.

Food That Rivals Any Place in the World

In addition, you may choose to go to a quaint German settlement within the state and enjoy some of the finest traditional German cuisine in the world. Next to being in Germany itself, this is probably the best tasting German food available anywhere you look.

It is certainly among the best anywhere in the United States. If seafood is one of your favorites, take a trip to coastal areas and enjoy fresh seafood that is prepared by people really know what they are doing. It is a far cry from the seafood that you will find in many landlocked areas.

These Menus Never Disappoint

Whether your favorite food is Italian or American, there is something for you to enjoy in Texas. You can enjoy your cuisine at well established chain restaurants that exist throughout the state or you can choose one that is run completely by local individuals.

Whether you are in the mood for breakfast, lunch or dinner, there is something that will suit your tastes somewhere in the state. Just like virtually everything else, Texas always has something to offer and their cuisine is no different.

It just tastes a little better than it does in most other places. Perhaps that, along with the fact that there is so much variety to be enjoyed there, is what makes this state a truly exceptional place when it comes to excellent cuisine. In reality, it is just one more thing that the state of Texas has going for it. Is also one more reason that you should make it a point to visit and spend some time there if you have never done so before.

If you have never visited Texas before, you probably have some ideas about places that you would like to visit anyway. After all, it is a big state that has a reputation that is even bigger than it is. As a result, numerous television shows and movies have been filmed there and there is so much information available about it that almost everyone knows something about the state.

In addition, Texas is a place that has something to fit every individual’s particular tastes. Whether you enjoy hiking through rugged terrain, walking along the shore or camping in the woods, there are places that allow you to do all of these things. In reality, Texas is like several different states all rolled up into one.

It’s Like Three states in One

The terrain changes so much throughout the state that you can see everything from flat, rugged country to lush, green terrain with rolling hills. Many people choose to visit the Texas coast and take in everything that they love about the ocean. You can go out on a boat, go fishing, enjoy great local cuisine and walk along the shore until you are too tired to move.

If you enjoy the idea of hiking or going horseback riding in rugged terrain, the western part of the state would be more your style. Conversely, you can visit the eastern section if you like the idea of camping in deep, lush woods that would be a challenge for almost anyone.

Enjoy Top Class Culture

If none of these things really get you excited, take a trip to one of the state’s many metropolitan areas. You can visit art museums, make purchases at shopping malls or visit some of the most interesting science museums, zoos or aquariums they you could find anywhere in the United States.

As a result, you can find something that interests you whether you are an outdoor type of person or you would prefer to never become one with nature regardless of the circumstances.

Travel the Way You Want To

You might be surprised, but did you know that you can travel through Texas in a variety of different and interesting ways? Of course, there are miles upon miles of road that you can use to enjoy a scenic drive. However, it does not stop there. You can also take a train, travel through part of the state by boat or fly over it and take everything in all at once.

Thanks to the relatively good weather that exists there year round, the options are entirely up to you because there is little else to get in your way.

Expand Your Horizons

A lot of states offer multiple things that you can participate in but few of them offer as many opportunities as the state of Texas. This is a place where you can truly participate in any activity that your imagination can dream up.

From exploring caves and underwater caverns to seeing the place the Space Shuttle called home for decades, you can find it all in Texas. Who knows, you might even find some activities to participate in that you never dreamed you would ever do. As a result, you just might find out something about yourself while enjoying everything the state has to offer.

When it comes to visiting a place like Texas, one of the first things that becomes readily apparent is that there is no shortage of things to do and places to go.

Such is the case with festivals that are held throughout the state. In fact, there are so many different festivals that you would not be hard pressed to find something interesting to do at virtually any time of the year.

In addition, you should be able to find something that suits your interests, regardless of what they might be. Like virtually everything else in the state, Texas manages to host a number of festivals that range from the common to the bizarre so you are never at a loss for a way to expand your horizons and have fun at the same time.

In some locations, you can find local festivals that are held in small downtown areas that may go no more than a single afternoon. On the other end of the spectrum, you can find festivals that run for several days at a time and encompass large metropolitan areas.

For example, you may find yourself at a small craft fair or you may be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Texas State Fair. Needless to say, there is everything in between. These events provide an ideal way to entertain yourself as well as your friends and family for a day or for the entire weekend.

Some of these festivals even last for a week or more. In cases where you have more time, you can truly slow down and take in all the sights and sounds that interest you because you can always come back the next day and look at something different. This gives the entire event an atmosphere that is just different from what you will find in most other states.

The different types of festivals that are found throughout the state center around everything from flowers to celebrations of culture. While some of the festivals focus specifically on the culture of the state, that is not always the case. In fact, you can find something to celebrate virtually any culture throughout the state. Texas is truly a melting pot and this fact has never been more exemplified than it is in all the different types of festivals that are held around the state.

If you want more specific examples, think of it this way. You can attend a festival that celebrates the history and culture of Irish dance while simultaneously making plans to travel to a festival in a different part of the state that celebrates the state’s heritage. You can also make plans to enjoy great local cuisine or even participate in something that is a little more out of the mainstream.

Whatever your interests are or whatever you would like to learn more about, you can find something that will work well for you. In short, there is virtually nothing that you cannot find. Perhaps in that sense, everything really is bigger and better within the state of Texas.